Consultations &
Local Research

Love doing your own research but need a little help?  Consultations can be an excellent way to take your tree to the next level! Let MKG help with your brick walls, research strategies, and to discuss your challenges.

Local research, document retrieval, and local Denver-area photography services are also available.

🔸 Brick Wall Consultation: $40 for 1 hour
Staring at a brick wall is frustrating. A second set of eyes can help! Together, we’ll go over the challenges and possible solutions to your unique hurdle. Consultation includes pre-meeting review of your research so far. Please be prepared to provide a summary of your current research after booking.

🔸 Genealogy Consulting: $25 per hour—1 hour minimum.
A consultation is a great way to brainstorm next steps, get help organizing your research, discuss genealogy concepts, or just have a sympathetic (and equally obsessed!) ear.

🔸 Local Document Retrieval: $20 per hour + mileage and parking (if applicable)—1 hour minimum.
If you need a document retrieved from a repository in the Denver, Colorado, metro area, please contact us with your needs.
NOTE: COVID restrictions and other closures may impact record availability.

🔸 Local Research or Photography: Looking for current photos or information about a specific location, gravestone, or other item of local Denver interest? Contact us to discuss your request. Rates will depend on project scope.

Not sure which to choose? Click here to request a FREE 30 minute consultation.

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