Michelle Keel, Genealogist

After 20 years of researching my own family tree, I realized the next step in my genealogy journey was to connect others with their own roots. Starting MK Genealogy allows me to combine my love for genealogy with my desire to help people discover their own family stories.

My family history journey started in my early 20’s. I had been laid off but had the dubious honor of being forced to wait several months before my last day. To fill the time, I started doing some family research online (sorry boss!). Even in the early 2000s, the amount of available information was tantalizing and I was hooked! I’ve spent the time since building my family tree, helping my friends with their research, and creating a genealogy blog.

Beyond genealogy, I’m also writer/blogger, with a focus on history and music and, of course, music history. When I’m not researching and writing, I enjoy even more reading (there is never enough time to read!), playing cello, and traveling (travel dreaming for right now). Currently, I live in Denver, Colorado, with my cat and partner-in-crime Lolo.

My Passion

One of my favorite things about genealogy is how our family history connects us with the past. History comes alive when you think of your own ancestors living through major events or even simply managing the family farm. For example: imagine the immigrant experience, leaving everything and everyone you know for the great unknown across the water. Why did your forebears move here? Was it land? Freedom? Or was it not their choice?

When I ‘m doing research, the context of the person’s circumstances and the history they lived through are an important part of the process. The research reports you receive from MKG will include key historical details to help you better understand your family’s story.

Lastly, some parts of our family’s past can be difficult to learn. Compassion and discretion are integral to the services I provide. I look forward to helping you navigate your family history!