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Michelle Keel, Genealogist

Hi! Welcome to MK Genealogy, home of Denver-based genealogist Michelle Keel. Need help with your family history research? Maybe just getting started? Or perhaps you have a stubborn brick wall? MKG can assist in growing your family tree or expanding your understanding of your family’s history.

How May I Help?

Everyone has different research needs. Check out the variety of services available:

Hourly Research

Pay for hourly research based on your individual needs. There is a 3-hour minimum required.

Research Packages

Great for those just getting started or if you want to discover the next generation on your tree without all the work.

Consultations & Local Research

Personalized consultation for your brick wall or genealogy questions. Local document retrieval and other services also available.

Not sure which to choose? Click here to request a FREE 30 minute consultation.